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Linda Ryan

Linda A. Ryan, ND (Aus), AHG Registered Herbalist

Linda Ryan is a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Life Coach and Clinical Support Consultant. She has done contract work for Malouf Group, a large chain of pharmacies in Australia, as well as with MediHerb Pty. Ltd, an Australian herb research company and manufacturer of practitioner-only products distributed through Standard Process, Inc. Linda also tutors licensed practitioners enrolled in the Practical Herbal Therapy program offered by the Australian College of Phytotherapy.


An accomplished healthcare professional in the field of phytotherapy, she has achieved 'Professional Herbalist' recognition with the peer-reviewed American Herbalists Guild (AHG). Born in Dublin, Ireland, Linda was steeped in the rich herbal traditions of her family while growing up. After more than 20 years experience as a traditional Herbalist, she moved overseas in 1989 to pursue formal studies in Naturopathy. She received her Advanced Diploma of Health Science in Naturopathy (ND) from Endeavour College of Natural Health (formerly Australian College of Natural Medicine) in Brisbane, Australia and her Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University in Australia. She has lectured extensively on natural health all over America and has been featured on many radio talk shows on herbs and natural health. Her instructors and mentors have included international speakers and authors, such as Associate Professor Kerry Bone, FNIMH, Berris Burgoyne ND, and David McLeod LAc, ND. Linda has since been in private practice as a Naturopath and Clinical Herbalist in both Australia and America, and has a notable dedication to research and natural health education.

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